Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where oh where has my winner gone?

Well this is a bit of a pickle isn't it? Fuzzbutt hasn't contacted me, nor has anyone to say that they can point me to him/her. I think in fairness to everyone else, if I don't hear from Fuzzbutt by the end of the week, say Friday at 11:59pm I will let Turtle have first choice and draw a new second winner. Does that seem fair? I have asked the very nice evergreenknits to post something to her contest blog since I suspect that is where "fuzzbutt" learned of the contest. But other than that I am stumped about what to do. Ideas cheerfully accepted.

In the mean time, let's move on to some knitting. I finally finished, blocked, and shipped my DSIL's last holiday present. I think we'll have to call it a Valentine's gift though considering how late it is for Christmas. I provide modeled shots but since I'm larger (much) than my DSIL, bear in mind it will look better on her than on me.

I ordered a skein of yarn from Twisted's etsy shop the other day. Look at the "mailing label of supreme cuteness" that came on the package.

Awwwww. And I'm not usually a big sucker for cuteness but that just got me.

I did another stint at upholstery class today. I think by the end of next week I might have a finished cushion. There may just possibly be a slight tinge of light at the end of the "reupholstered knitting chair" tunnel.

Oh, and I turned the heel of the first RSC January kit socks. Photos of that another day though. Time to go make food.


Turtle said...

Have you ever turned a heel like that one before? I hadn't and was suprised but liked it! Halfway through the second heel as i type.
The name fuzzbutt still cracks me up. I love both prize choices but if i do get to pick first i think i would like to try the lime & violet and the toe up sock. I have never knit a toe up before and would love the challenge. But if fuzzbutt chooses that one the other would be great as well. I have looked at yarn pirate yarn but not knit with it yet! (so excited, i'm a dork i know, lol!)

Elaine said...

Hey turtle - congrats!