Sunday, January 2, 2011


Recycling Resolutions that is. I'm pretty sure that last year about this time I resolved to knit more and blog more frequently about it. That went well....

In my defense I offer two excuses. 1) I started a second part time job that eats up a lot of my time that I was already using for other stuff. Which means blogging time and knitting time got cut into. 2) Lots of what I was working on after the beginning of September was a secret of one kind or another. Some of it still is until the gifts are finished and given.

But here's some of what I finished since last I posted:

I finished a pair of mitts for my daughter but can't post about them yet. Don't have any good photos for one thing. And they are still a secret.

I finished a pair of mitts for a friend. Also still a secret.

I finished a pair of mitts for me. Not a secret! They are my Princess Bride mitts because they are knit from Indigodragonfly MCN Worsted in "My Name Is Indigo Montoya" and "Have Fun Storming The Castle". And I loved knitting them. The pattern, Chimera, was cool and well written and the yarn felt wonderful to knit with and feels wonderful on as well. Here they are:

I designed and knit a shrug for my daughter but I haven't gotten a good photo of it yet so have nothing to show for it right now. I plan to write it up as a free pattern soon. So I will get some modeled shots soon I hope.

I also made a little shawl for her American Girl doll using the class pattern from Anne Hanson's Lace Knitting class that I took at Spring Fling in 2009. And that I managed to get a modeled shot of. But probably only because the doll couldn't run away on her own.

I almost finished a Dwarven Battle Bonnet for my hubby but it needs a tweak or two and then I need to get a good modeled shot of it. I will try to post that one soon too.

I am a good part of the way through the first sock of a pair for my mom. These are mostly the Pear Blossom Socks from the Loopy Ewe sock club last year. Except that I did all the twisted knits as regular knits instead so that there'd be more room in the sock since my mom has diabetes. This shot doesn't show much but at least it's a photo of my knitting so I am posting it anyway.

So, I'm not dead yet. And I think I will start with a plan to blog each week and see how that goes. Since I have this plan to knit every day maybe I will have enough to post about each week.