Friday, February 12, 2010

So not in training....

... but I'm going for knitting olympics anyway. I have a couple of Ravelympics projects brewing in my mind, and one Knitting Olympics project for the Yarn Harlot's original version and I will not be at all surprised if I don't finish any of them. But... I am going to try, so for the next just over an hour I am going to be desperately trying to find everything I need in order to do my olympic knitting feats. And then for the next 16 days I will be trying like a crazy person to get it all knitted.

Good practice for Sock Madness I guess.

Since I have no photos and I promised some last time (and I will keep forgetting to blog - silly muggins) I thought some of the no longer really recently finished items from the holiday knitting might suffice. So here they are:

I made a hat for my Mum.

my apologies for the blurry photo - mum wouldn't pose

Who promptly lost it. So I have started another... Which I foolishly started already but after the 11th of January so can't count it for Ravelympics - lol. Which means it will probably be set aside for a while unless Mum whines.

I have been working on a mini version of Anne Hanson's Casino shawl and have made it to the top edging but I think that too will end up having to wait it out. Since I don't think I can finish it in the hour and a half I have left before the Ravelympics start. Though I think I might try...

Here it is before I made it to the top edging.

Oh, and I finally finished those gift Lothloriens. Now I have to make a pair for me. But not yet....