Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blog-versary Day!

Ok, clearly I've had too much wine at dinner because my first attempt at a title was Bolg-versary Day! Pathetic much? I could at least have said Borg-versary day and amused the FoUI.

Anyway, any additional folks who leave comments before 11:59pm Pacific time today will go into the "spreadsheet of yarny goodness" which I will use to pick the winners via a random number generation thingy. Tomorrow. I'll be heading for bed as soon as I finish this post.

In the mean time, Look Knitting!

I made yet another pair of Maine Morning Mitts.
This time they were for a male friend so I up-sized them a bit simply by adding a repeat of the ribbing pattern (so 36 stitches instead of 33) and knit a bit longer before and after adding the thumb. I also picked up extra stitches for the thumb so that I had 15 total and did the thumb in k4p1 rib. These too are Plymouth Boku color 6 this time.

I started a sock with the first ever yarn I bought from Sheri at The Loopy Ewe. I finally just picked a pattern I saw flip by on my 365 Knitting Stitches a Year calendar and went for it instead of trying to find the perfect pattern.
Zen String Lotus Toes in Patchouli k2p2 rib going into a k4 c4front over a stockinette ground

And, naturally since I wasted months agonizing over a pattern for this yarn, it turns out to look pretty nice. Doh! I plan to base the other one on k4 c4back so they'll spiral toward each other. I'm using these socks to teach myself to cable without a cable needle. So far it's taking at least as long (if not longer) to do without the cable needle but we'll see. Maybe I'll get the hang of it soon.

The Sockswatch Sighting Sundays sock swatches for last Sunday still aren't ready so I think it'll have to skip a week. Plus I don't like either of them yet (I'm just over half way through the repeat) so they aren't tempting.

Unlike my Rockin' Sock Club January socks. Which are tempting. Stop reading right now if you don't want to be spoiled. (I think everyone has their packages by now though.)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~RSC Spoiler Ahead!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I've gotten through the first repeat of the lace pattern. I have decided I like the yarn better in the ball than I do in the sock and much better than I did in the skein in terms of "for me -ness" (as opposed to in general). In general I think they are a lovely red-orange color but that's really not my color. So when I finish the socks, which seems like it will be sooner rather than later, I think I will gift them. Still they make great Project Spectrum knitting.

OK, I'm still having trouble with feeling like my lungs aren't working quite right so... th-th-th-that's all for now folks.


punkin said...

Your socks look great I like the colors of both socks. I look forward to seeing how the RSC socks turn out.

Maia said...

I like both socks too. I completely understand the idea of saving yarn for something special and feeling paralyzed. Good for you for just knitting it.

AuntieAnn said...

Happy Blog-versary Day! Although I like Borg-versary day, too. Red-orange is not my color either. Nice pattern you found by serendipity for the Loopy Ewe yarn -- now those are my colors. I hope you enjoy both pairs, both the knitting and the wearing or the gifting.

Elaine said...

Love the blues/purples yarn - absolutely fabulous, and the orange/red is not my colors either. But nice looking socks anyway.

I have so much yarn that I am saving for the perfect something - what is it with those of us who have the "too-good-to-use-except-on-the-perfect-project"

kit said...

Happy blogiversary and welcome to the club(of sockknitters) May you never look back once you've gone to socks

Sheepish Annie said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! We love the MMMs here. We knit them lots. Best pattern ever. Or at least it is right now...

And the socks are pretty darned snazzy, too!

Turtle said...

Gee, i type mispell like that all the time minus alcohol! :)

Love the socks your knitting, fab yarn and so far the pattern is looking good.
I felt the same way at first about the STR, nice but me?? But i continued and am about 1/2 done with the second sock. Like them and know i will wear them, but they are a stretch from my comfort zone...but then again i think that is partly why i joined the STR.. to stretch out of my box!
Oh and Happy Borg-versary!