Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day!

I haven't got much actual content today. The last week or so I've been coughing and feeling under-oxygenated. I'm heading out to the doctor this afternoon to see if he can find out what's wrong (probably bronchitis or something) and more pertinently, from my point of view, fix it. I explain only because I haven't gotten much done fiber-wise since just getting the responsible grown-up type stuff of every day life done has been sucking up what energy I've had. I do have a photo of the RSC sock with the heel turn and about half of the first lace repeat of the foot done.
As you can see my foot and the heel of this sock are not really compatible. There's a little extra something there at the bottom right. I think it's because the heel is centered over 9 stitches left unwrapped in the middle and that doing fewer there would work better for my particular (or even peculiar since it's wide up front - I usually say I have duck feet and leave it at that) foot. But I'm not certain I'm right about that. Other ideas cheerfully entertained.

I think these socks are headed to someone else's feet though (a particular someone whose feet are the same size but whose heel is wider so I think they'll fit her fine) so I'm just going to knit them both to pattern and then make a note to try it over fewer center stitches for the next pair I knit in this pattern. It's been a fairly easy to knit pattern so I will probably make it again since it seems to play nice with the variegated yarn. Of which, I have rather a lot.

Still waiting to hear from fuzzbutt...


Sheepish Annie said...

I've yet to successfully do a short row heel so I have nothing to offer you, I'm afraid. I will say a simple, "Happy Valentine's Day" and leave it at that. And advice I give would be really, really bad. And not in keeping with the day and all...

They are really lovely socks and I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled with them!

Marguerite said...

That looks like a very strange heel. But the yarn and pattern are very pretty and just happen to be one of my favorite colors.

Like Annie, I've never managed a successful short row heel either. I know how to knit a heel flap sock so it fits and so far haven't felt like messing with success.

Happy late Blogiversary. You sure know how to celebrate with nice contest prizes. If I had entered, I would have been sure you could get ahold of me. But this is my first time here and it's too late - unless you decide to have a different contest to reassign Fuzzbutt's prize. (Just kidding.)

I've already started referring to the Set-in Sleeve Aran sweater as Chenille. Chenille is going to be its offical name and I'm going to pick a color that might be found on an old chenille bedspread. Thanks again for nailing what those stitch patterns resemble.

AuntieAnn said...

I'm no expert, and maybe I'm not seeing from the pic exactly what's going on there, but it looks as though you have some extra fabric and actually want a shorter, less-pointy sock heel, so more unwrapped stitches in the middle rather than fewer? More unwrapped stitches mean fewer rows, hence less excess fabric. I have narrow heels, too, but don't always go down to the number of unworked center stitches (whether heel flap or short-row heel) that the pattern calls for. About 1/3 of total stitches is often good.

Lovely pattern, if a little hard to see with that stripiness going on there.

Turtle said...

Sorry your not feeling well. There have been a few really bad colds going around the last month. My daughter is now on Number 2...hopefully gone before skiing/snowboarding this sunday! Hope you feel better! Don't worry, i have not been home before 9pm any day this week! So no knitting.