Thursday, January 17, 2008

Moved to Injured Reserve

I've been able to knit a bit and actually type with all ten fingers again. Only, now I've got a horrible sinus infection. So I'm too wiped to do anything but watch dvds of things I've already seen. And even that is a bit of a challenge. I'm hoping to get a bit more knitting in this weekend though.

Before I succumbed to the horrible disease I did manage to get another section of swatch done for Sockswatch Sighting Sunday only what knitting I was able to do I had to do extremely slowly so it's now Thursday. Let's pretend we have a way back machine or something...

Both patterns are again from the 365 Knitting Stitches A Year perpetual calendar, circularized and tried in the same Rum Runner Yarn Pirate yarn.

First from January 9th: Tunnel Lace
I think this one looks like it has enough texture to show up even in the variegated yarn. I like the look of the strong vertical ribs it forms.

The other side is from January 12th: Waterfall
This one also looks like it has enough texture to show up too although it's not nearly as clear an example of the pattern itself as the solid color. This one has a nice sort of curvy line to it. But it is less distinct in the variegated yarn than the Tunnel Lace.

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Sheepish Annie said...

Well, I'm glad the knittin' digits are better, but take care of that sinus infection! I feel your pain on that one. (even if my current affliction is really more of a cold than a true sinus infection) Rest up this weekend and get better!