Saturday, January 5, 2008

Almost There!

I am almost there.
Almost to the tippy-toes!

I have 10 rows to go on the longer sock, and I think not more than 20 on the shorter, before I start the toe shaping. So 70 rows total and I'm finished with the FoUI's Christmas present. I might actually manage to make it. Unless I run out of yarn which is a distinct possibility.

I'd have been done already I think except that I was confused about when my next haircut was. It turned out to be a couple of days ago and so I had to take several hours out to whip these up.
Maine Morning Mitts for the genius who makes my hair look good

pattern: Maine Morning Mitts from The Knitter's Book of Yarn (there's a download link for the pattern on this page)

yarn: Plymouth Boku in color 8 (chosen specifically for the Hair Genius who likes the autumnal colors)

Like the Noro the pattern used, this yarn has fairly long color runs. About half as long as the Noro but in a way - especially for non-knitters - that is kind of good. They look much more like twins than the first pair I made. I've seen a couple of people comment on breaking issues with the Plymouth Boku but I didn't have any trouble with it. There was one knot which really only annoyed me because it ended up being in my cast off. A Russian Join fixed it right up though. And I've had a lot more knots in the single skein of the Noro Iro I've been using for my SIL vest (not appreciably further so it will wait for a future post).

needles: Size 7 Casein DPNs (the only dog-proof needles I've ever had)

I managed to whip these up between 3pm and 1am the day before my haircut appointment* so this is my new favorite instant gift pattern (for generous values of the word "instant"). I also like how these fit my hands and the way the yarn feels after washing. By sheer coincidence (yeah, right) I just so happen to have another ball of this yarn in my colors so I think at least one more pair of these mitts is in my knitting future.

*A new personal best for time devoted to knitting and knitting accomplished within a certain timeframe. If only I could keep it up.

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Lavender Brocklehurst said...

Love the Mitts. Also love Clara's book.