Monday, January 21, 2008

It isn't still Sunday anywhere by now is it?

I'm still having some trouble with my left hand. Apparently I can expect it to take weeks to get all the way better. When I look at my Cluaranach, just sitting there not being knit on, I get terribly frustrated. Still, it beats having my jaw wired shut because my chin took the hit instead. So, I'll just deal with the slow healing of the tendons/ligaments/whatever it is in my hand and be grateful it wasn't worse.

I've got two more swatches for Sockswatch Sighting Sunday (even though it's Monday now). First is the Fishtail Lace from January 15th in the 365 Knitting Stitches A Year perpetual calendar. I had to circularize the pattern but it was both easy and worth it.
I like this one. I think you can see the pattern even with the variegated yarn. And it's an easy pattern to memorize. Not to mention every other row is just knit around since it's a stockinette based lace.

Second is "Ribbed Lace" from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. This was charted in the book or I might not have even attempted it.
This one shows up too but it is a 24 row pattern. Admittedly every subsequent 4th row is the same as row 4. But, I don't think any other row is the same as any other. So it's much harder to keep track of where you are. And I don't think this pattern is quite as clear, compared to being knit in a solid, as the Fishtail Lace is compared to its solid yarn counterpart.

I've gotten some more rows done on the vest back but since it doesn't look the least bit different other than longer I'll wait to post any more photos of that particular WIP.

My blog-versary is coming up in a little over two weeks and I think I'll run a little contest with some yarny goodness prizes and all. I'll talk more about that next time.


Sheepish Annie said...

Hang in there...the wrist will recover. Although I'm sure the waiting is torture! Pretty swatches!

Susan Pandorf said...

I like the fishtail swatch. Veddy nice...

Feel better soon blessings!