Thursday, May 31, 2007

Two Steps Forward & Three Steps Back

That's what it feels like around here right now anyway. I managed to get the sock reknit to a few rows past where I ripped from.
Look Ma, no pooling!
It seems to have worked. The pooling is no more. Now I have striping. Which was the intention of course, so I'm very happy. Whether or not the stripes actually match the other sock will have to wait for a bit. But striping is good enough, exact striping would be a bonus.

But then, we come to the bag. I'd gotten about 60% of the way through the bottom of the French Market Bag when I decided to switch over to a circular. So I made myself some stitch markers to keep track of the increase points.
I know I could have just looked and seen where to do increases but I'd been playing with stitch marker making and thought it would be fun to have some to go with the bag as I worked on it. But in keeping with today's theme, a few rounds after going onto the circular I realized that I'd miscounted or something and so I've ripped it all out and I'm going to start over. So I really didn't need those markers yet after all. Well, they'll come in handy eventually, right?

Sigh. Two steps forward and three steps back about sums it up.

And lastly, the dog has stored up enough cute points to stay alive for quite a while. A couple of nights ago she was up on the couch next to me. When I started working on my laptop she started watching the screen.
What's a blog, Mommy?
She was watching the mouse arrow move around on the screen and every time the screen changed she noticed. I started taking photos but I wish I'd had the camera set to video because while I was taking pictures, I switched tabs in Firefox and brought up the picture of her from the last post and she did the push your head forward to get a closer look thing. It was hysterically funny.

Well, maybe you had to be there...

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Probably Jane said...

I'm glad your socks are turning out as you want them - they look great. I was lucky and got stripes in mine too although the second sock wasn't as neatly striped as the second (any idea how that happens?) I haven't started last months's RSC socks yet - have been distracted by the spinning. Let me know if you start yours and I might join you for moral support!