Saturday, May 19, 2007


Between a mild case of startitis, and cases of viruses and such around the place over the last couple of weeks, my knitting production hasn't been enough to be worth taking more pictures. I did manage to get the striping Monsoon sock knitted up to the heel beginning. And today while waiting at the clinic for my husband to get hydrated and then sent home with anti-biotics for his bronchmonia I frogged back the one that was pooling because I decided that I did actually care that they matched. But if it pools instead of striping this time through, I'm taking it as a sign from the universe and leaving it pooling instead of frogging again. Frogging was actually a great job to do while waiting in the urgent care clinic all morning though. It was just the right amount mindless and yet attention requiring.

After I frogged it, I knit up a few rows but then got to the point where I was too twitchy to knit anymore. The twitchy has lasted through most of the night, I have knit three rows of a swatch for a new pair of socks tonight but otherwise it's been all laundry and dishes and other domestic annoyances.

In "not really fiber related except by stretching the definition rather thin" I have finished the tree and almost all the repairs to the walls. I just need to do trim paint repairs and then I can clear the tools and such out of the child's room and move her in. Of course that won't be happening that fast with hubby laid out with pneuitis but maybe I can get some of it done. I think moving her bed will be beyond me though since I think it has to come apart to get it out the door.

I'll try to get pictures in a day or two of finished trees, and some sort of knitting or spinning progress. I think tomorrow I'll at least be able to get some spinning in.


Romi said...

Just plunk any old picture up there. We're not too picky out here. ;)

Maia said...

Ack! I hope hubby is feeling better soon.