Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh dear - I'm doomed

The last thing I need is another interest to spread my time even thinner. So of course, needle felting caught my eye when it first started appearing. But I kept telling myself I wasn't artistic like that and managed to stay away from it. Until recently.

I dunno if I can blame Sheri or not for this one. I think her blog is where I first found out about WoolPets. And once I saw them I was doomed. I struggled valiently for a while but eventually I caved in. Among others, I bought a Sleepy Sheep kit.
I stalled on trying one because I was still suffering from an inferiority complex vis-a-vis sculpting anything, even in fiber. Today I decided to give one a try. Here's my Sleepy Sheep attempt, completed today in about an hour and a half while watching TV with the sick Hubby (he needs lots of entertaining when he's sick).

It was so fast to do and so fun that I'm totally doing more of them. I'm doomed. As will the dog be if she repeats today's stunt of trying to eat the card with the felting needles attached to it. Luckily she didn't eat the needles. She might have gotten some fluff though. And she definitely got the little skewer thingy. Fortunately enough of it was left in bits all over the floor for me to feel sure she didn't actually swallow anything dangerous. And miraculously, she didn't even try to eat the FO.

I thought it turned out ok. Not great maybe, but ok. Until the following conversation when my daughter arrived home:

Me: See what I did today? What do you think?

DD: What is it?

Me: A sheep, a sleepy sheep.

DD: It looks like a white rat. A dead one.
It's a good thing my ego is resilient. LOL I was planning on trying to make a robin next so that there's a daddy bird for the nest in my daughter's tree. But considering that comment on my Sleepy Sheep, I'm not so sure. I might sulk instead.

Speaking of the tree, c'est fin at last.
And this is why it's there at all in case anyone is curious.
Apparently indoor plumbing came after the house was built. But it also makes a convenient place to run network cable and whatnot.

A friend who saw it in life commented that if the eggs had been real they'd roll out of the nest.
I see what she meant in a way, I think I did round at least one of them too much. But, I've used up my interest in messing about with this tree so I'm hoping it doesn't look too much like that. Or if it does, that the kid won't notice it for years, ideally not until she's picked some other theme for her room that will mean repainting the thing to be a rocket or a Grecian or Roman column because she's moved on from "Nature" to "Star Trek: The Fifth Reinvention" or "Indiana Jane and the Temple of Aphrodite" or some such nonsense.

OK back to actual fiber content. Since last posting I still haven't gotten on the wheel, but I did think about it today. I think I might manage some spinning time tomorrow if Hubby doesn't need me too much. And hopefully some more knitting time. The socks look like this right now.
In addition to all that reknitting I have to do (there's more of the kinky ripped back wool hiding out of frame - but it's all good, and it knits up quite nicely again) I've just realised I forgot the tail on my Sleepy Sheep and there's no white left from the kit thanks to the dog. And my white spinning fiber that I can get to is either not the same color or not the same texture. So I guess I'll have to check on the other sheep kit I have. Maybe it can spare enough for a tail.

That's it for pictures today. I don't know if I'll make it to my uphosltery class tomorrow. It'll depend on how Hubby is doing. I'll be a bit bummed if I don't, I've finally gotten to putting the chair back together to look like a chair and I'd like to get a picture up here soon. I had managed to remember the camera last week, but its battery was dead. It was that sort of day.

Well, I'm off to get back to nursing the poor sufferer. Just as well since neither typing nor knitting is pain free. My fingers hurt. Not from needle felting, or anything else fun or crafty, but from scrubbing the broiler pan. You'd think I'd know better than to use one while the dish-doer is sick. Doh!


Maia said...

Definitely doesn't look like a rat to me. I think it is cute.

With the tree done, is it time to put together her room so you can get to your room? Progress is good.

Hope the hubinator is feeling better in time for your uphosltery class.

Romi said...

OMG! That sheep is adorable! You have to watch out for Sheri! :)

Sheepish Annie said...

Hey...that sleepy Sheepie looks just like me these days!'s a bit cuter. I'm not looking quite so endearing what with being sick and all. I haven't done nearly as well at needle felting as you. Nice job!

Thanks for the comments on my blog. It meant a lot to have people stop by and offer some "get well" wishes. I'm feeling somewhat better today and hope that your husband is as well. Pneumonia is a rough one. He is so lucky to have you there for all the caregiving! I have the cats. They are not quite as nurturing...

Sheepish Annie said...

BTW: To answer your question on my last post: Yup! I've got a Jensen Tina II with the matching lazy kate. 'Twas a gift from Daddy Sheep. I only wish I was more skilled at using it!