Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whiskey Tango Wednesday redux

So the other day, I'm driving home from dropping the FoUI off where the car was finally done being repaired and I see this young man bicycling with a small pack of, one assumes, his friends. What attracted my notice was that while all of them were buzzing along on the busy busy street sans helmets, he actually owned one. He had it with its straps clipped around the strap of the backpack he was wearing so that it was hanging down just about under the outer half of his right butt cheek. The sight prompted a number of questions. First off, is that really where he keeps his brains? Why only in the right cheek? What are the odds that that particular section of his anatomy would actually be protected by the helmet anyway. I'm pretty sure it would have chosen to save itself and let his hiney take its chances. Does he really think his butt is his best feature? (Uh, dude, no. Trust me on this.) Wouldn't you want to protect your, say, face first?

On the other hand, these folks amused me no end. This is why Californians buy convertibles:
Yes, that is a couch in the back seat. I'm kinda curious how they got it back out again. That sort of thing is always easier to put in than take out. I hope they had friends helping.

Ok, back to the knitting. I finished some of the stealth knitting but no photos here until it arrives there. But I realized I have a FO you haven't seen yet. Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ComfyChair!

And this is the Comfy Chair not quite finished.
All that fabric on the outside of the arm had to be hand sewn in. That turns out to be much harder on my hands than knitting a pair of socks in three and a half days. Two arms and all of the back had to be done that way. Thank goodness that's over! Well, until I decide to do the rocker anyway.....

And while I can't show my stealth knitting until after she gets her package, here's the wrapped prezzies for my Loopy Ewe Swap downstream partner. I should have done a better job of styling this shot. All the colors grouped is so wrong. Oops.

Oh and there is one more thing. An archeological find:
That's the scary black shawl I mentioned two posts back. My very oldest non-frogged SWIP. Or was it an ILTLFP? Ah, listed as a SWIP but I don't know, there's a lot of knitting in that edging to have to take out and redo right...

I might actually work on that next fall and get it finished. It's much to hot for that in the summer around here though. Plus I need to psych myself up for that much ripping and reknitting.

Now I'm off to clear out the mess in my studio and get ready for classes at Black Sheep Gathering. I will try really hard to both remember my camera and remember to use it! Unless they won't let me. Oh dear, I wonder how I find out if they will?


Sheepish Annie said...

I always knew that helmets were a good thing, but never thought about it much. Then Baby Brother Sheep got sideswiped by a car while biking. I get it now. He later showed me that helmet. Smooshed. Baby Brother? Only moderately smooshed.

I am a fan of bike helmets.

AuntieAnn said...

We were early adopters of bike helmets (yes, I am old enough to have had a helmet-free and seatbelt-free childhood, and lived to tell about it, but I don't take that to mean we shouldn't have and use those things).

Anyway! One of those days when I was one of the only ones riding around with a bike helmet, a car driver actually stopped me in the street to ask me why I was wearing a bike helmet.

Um, is this a trick question? It's - um - to protect my head - ? Did I get it right?

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Oh dear heaven you had courage, undertaking a dig for that archaeological find. I simply would not have the courage to go into the badlands to look for mine...

Tactile said...

Asshat! Too funny!

Love the chair! That is a long awaited FO. Congratulations.

Romi said...

Heeheeheeheeeeee. Asshat. Heeheehee.