Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Getting down to the wire...

Well, the Summer of Socks - for which I signed up in a fog of optimism as regards the amount of time available for, and speed of, my knitting - ends Friday. I did finish a pair of socks after the Summer of Socks started. But since I started them in March I don't think they count. So far, I've got one of my Wendy's Sportweight Toe-up Gusset Heel socks through the heel turn and a row or two up the leg. Not that it looks like it's up the leg yet of course. But it is, two whole rows at least. I swear.

Maybe, just maybe, if I can get stuck somewhere with my knitting, and not have taken the French Market Bag like I did today, I might be able to finish this sock and maybe, just maybe, (if the planets align just right and the knitting fairy comes to visit at night tonight and tomorrow) I might even get the second one done in time too.* I'm gonna try. It's a real deadline. It might work. I hope so. Otherwise I'll feel such a fraud for signing up in the first place.

In the opposing forces (or possibly just "I'm an idiot") section of the blog: My daughter's classroom aide is pregnant and I foolishly said I would knit a hat for the baby-girl-to-be if my daughter wanted to dye the yarn for it so that it would be both our efforts. Of course she did want to. So we did food color microwave dyeing on Sunday and the skein was finally dry enough to wind today. I think it looks very pretty in an exuberant sort of way. But very girl baby. I hope it will knit up pretty.
I like it even better wound up.

DD did all the dye direction (what colors where) although I did do the actual dripping of food color onto the skein and provided advice about getting it all the way through. I'm not sure what day I thought it was when we planned a schedule, or how long I thought the yarn would take to dry, but when I said I'd knit it I said I thought I could get it done for her to give the aide on Friday (that would be the day after tomorrow at this point).

So tomorrow, I need to knit 1.5 socks and a baby hat while also running a bazillion errands including the weekly grocery store expedition. Oh, yeah, I'll make all my deadlines. No problem.* I'd slap my palm into my face except I hit my forehead on a shelf corner a couple of days ago and it still is a bit tender.

*Why yes, now that you mention it, I have always been delusional.


Sheepish Annie said...

You and your daughter did a great job with the hat-yarn! It is going to make for a sweet baby hat. The socks look good, too!

Here's hoping you get stranded somtime soon with nothing to do but knit. Someplace safe with nice beverages and good lighting. Maybe a little soft music...

Ruth said...

Yep, yarn takes a looooong time to dry, especially in a coastal climate. It will make such a sweet hat, though!

AlisonH said...

That's absolutely gorgeous yarn. Well done, and congratulations to the aide on the coming baby!