Wednesday, September 5, 2007

and the winner of the award for...

Most Tolerant Spouse Of A Yarn Hoarder is... My hubby. Who not only went with me to Ikea, but also when the subject was broached, behaved as though it was perfectly sensible to buy a glass display case to store yarn in, bought said case, and put it together and in place that same night. And spent the next night redoing displaced wall mounted things for me so I could take and post this photo.

Yes, I do know how lucky I am. No that isn't all of my stash (that's a bit embarrassing actually). It is a big percentage. The bottom two shelves are all sock yarns. More than half of that (possibly a great deal more than half) is Sheri's fault. Her shop, The Loopy Ewe, is a lovely place to deal with - so helpful. But I warn you, it is dangerously tempting all the time. She will keep finding beautiful new yarns and selling them to me. I think that means I get to blame her at least a little for the size of that stash right? Ok, truth will out: I have way more time for buying yarn than I do for knitting it up, and no will power. Too embarrassing, lets move on. The top shelf is some of my special spinning fibers. Again with the not all of them though caveat. (More embarrassment. Let's keep on moving on.)

I haven't gotten any further really on the August RSC socks. I continue to battle gauge problems with the RSC patterns it seems. But I did finish the first of (I hope) two scarves for the Red Scarf Project. Only I need a bit of advice. As you can see, modeled by my sweet puppy (and in close up - an attempt to show the pattern and yarn a bit better) it isn't red. The actual color is closest in the photo with the dog (Yes, I am planning to wash the scarf before sending it. And on warning the recipient it was knit in a house with a dog.) Or in the small shadowed part in the close up photo.

Initially I had planned to over-dye the yarn in the skein but then I had some knitting time without any dyeing time ahead of it. So I knit first. Now I'm wondering if I should leave it gray, which I think I read is supposed to be an "in" color this year, or over-dye it. It wouldn't have to be over-dyed red of course. I was thinking blue might work better. Any votes one way or another on the over-dye idea? Color specific suggestions?

I have already started a second scarf using two strands of Rowan Cashsoft Aran in an emphatic red (darker and richer than this photo is displaying - on my screen at least - it's shade 010 aka Poppy for any who care).

I'm knitting the same pattern (I decided on basically a k3p3 rib for three rows followed by three rows of p3k3 so that it makes regular blocks of knit and purls with two extra stitches to provide a stitch to slip at the beginning so the edge will be nicer than my normal one) as I did on the gray scarf because it's easy to remember (especially after having done 6 feet of it) but still looks a bit interesting even though it's so simple. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get this one done in time too. The Cashsoft sure does feel nice. I might have to get some more in a me color. Maybe even enough for a knock-about sweater.


Norma said...

I love the gray. I vote to keep it. When they send them out, they put them in a very pretty cellophane bag with hearts and stuff, so the presentation is lovely, and gray is a lovely neutral that most people love. Well done!

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Oh, ok - you can blame me for part of that. :-) I do detect some empty space in there, though. We'll have to remedy that!

Sheepish Annie said...

You surely do have an understanding hubby. Good for you! I love the shelf and it's a perfect way to show off the pretty yarn.