Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Still Madly Knitting Socks

Round 2's pattern came out yesterday so I've been madly knitting socks while trying not to succumb to the stomach flu that my daughter had last week (over spring break - how unfair is that? poor little Remembrall).

It's a clever completely reversible sock so I suspect strongly I'll be making it again in a size that will fit me rather than my mum.

Progress only at this point. But my competitive streak means I won't be blogging or blog reading for that matter until they are done or I'm out.

This is a very stretchy sock.

the sock on me (size 7.5 wide at the front narrow at the heel try finding that in a shoe)

the sock on the FoUI (6'2" nearly 200lbs size 11 1/2 feet although admittedly, narrow)

Other activity in the interim is either stealth knitting or boring so I'll not subject you to it. Besides, I've got to get back to knitting. There were people who finished in just over 15 hours clock time!


Amanda said...

I'm amazed at the speed of some knitters, slightly relieved I'm already out, and trying to decide which yarn to use for these should I ever actually finish the zombies (a test knit is taking precedence).

Good luck and don't forget to have fun!

Sheepish Annie said...

YIkes! I've had the same sock on the needles for over a month now. I salute your sock knitting prowess!