Friday, December 21, 2007

Size Does Matter

In knitting anyway. As in, smaller items finish faster than larger items. Who'da thunk it?

Today's gift knitting tip of excessive obviousness brought to you by the following:

Not one, not two but three Knitty nosewarmers for gifts - two went off to my daughter's school (teacher and principal) thus cementing our reputations as the crazy ones - and one for my long suffering SIL who lives far enough away that she won't have to be seen in it ever if she doesn't want to. Unfortunately in a fit of complete flakiness, I forgot to photo the two headed to school and they are long gone. Oddly, they looked very much like this one (for my dear SIL) only done in the nice sober solid red that matches the scarf for the teacher (since they were made from the remainder of the skein). The principal was confuddled. If nothing else, he has a dining out story (as my family terms such things - the blog fodder of an earlier age - earlier than mine even) now.

apparently I'm shedding again - oops
An iPod case for part of a niece's gift. I kinda like how the colors stacked. I think if you're 13 it might look not too un-cool. I hope so anyway. The 20-something I showed it to seemed to like it. I think at worst my neice will like the iTunes card that is going to go inside even if the case itself is not so cool.

whoops, I forgot to tell you you'd need sunglasses

I realize this photo lacks scale but it is the closest color match so you'll have to trust me that a video iPod will (probably - I didn't actually have one to try) fit in here. The button is an almost antique out of my grandmother's button tin. I think it is not older than me but it's darn close to it.

I scratched another thing off my list by deciding to give something to weave with instead of a woven something for this year's guild meeting. It appeared to be a satisfactory offering and I made out like a bandit. More on that another day.

I finished the Remembrall's socks. They still need to be wrapped because they took forever to dry since I had to hide them while they did. But they are done.

Look! Twinsies!

Hers are the small ones. The big ones are mine that I finished a while back. I hope the twinsies thing isn't a problem for her because I kinda like my socks.

The FoUI's socks on the other hand. Not so close.

Look stripes!

No wait, limpid pools! ... "Oh bother", said Pooh.

But then he's got something like 4 times the surface area on his feet so size really does matter and hers should be done first. Of course, his should be down to the heel on the first sock and they ain't yet. Not even close. But I haven't given up hitting my Christmas goal for that one. (I like denial. It's a nice place to live.) The photos are both sides of one sock just in case anyone was thinking I had gotten started on the second already. Sadly, I haven't. But now that I think about it, I should. I've decided I don't care what the colors do. Striping or pooling or little puddles amid the stripes or what, it's all good. (See. Denial solves all sorts of problems.) I kinda like the way they couldn't seem to decide in the ribbing anyway. There's not enough of the stockinette section to see what they are going to do there yet and it might be different.

The knitting conundrum that continues to conund is trying to think of something to knit for my best friend. Well, something I can actually finish in the time available. I really need it done no later than Twelfth Night. Which is getting closer faster than I am figuring anything out. I am otherwise set except for a bit of shopping. Well, and SIL's vest which may be a Twelfth Night thing too or may end up being a Valentine's present. We'll see. But I'm not gonna stress about any of it.

What is surprising to me is that I am actually quite enjoying knitting things for people for Christmas/Holiday gifts. I've got quite a long list I'm considering for next year so I think come the New Year I may start on next year's gifts. Well, some of them. I have this really good idea for my best friend but it will take almost all year I think. Which is why she doesn't have it yet despite my having bought both yarn and pattern in the spring.


Sheepish Annie said...

Denial is my favorite vacation spot. I spend a great deal of time there. It is very relaxing most of the time.

Love those nose warmers! I think that they make for the perfect "dining out" fodder. Teachers get a lot of pretty standard gifts. It's fun to get something a little different every now and again!

Romi said...

I love knitting little things. :)

Happy holidays!