Wednesday, October 3, 2007


My apologies for taking so long to post the winner for my little contest. I've been having to spend a bit more time lately taking care of my Mum so didn't manage to organize myself properly. Since I took so long and I only had three entries I decided to award a couple of additional prizes. I used a random number generator (a dice if you're curious) to distribute the prizes.

AlisonH has won the initial prize of the copy of Victorian Lace Today with the skein of Handmaiden SeaSilk in Nova Scotia to make something from the book with:

Elizabeth (who didn't give me a blog link) has won a 400 yard skein of Jade Sapphire 100% Chinese Cashmere in color 01 (mainly purples and greens) which should make a nice shawlette:

BJ has won a 500 yard skein of fingering weight Ruby Sapphire yarn which also should make a nice shawlette (or a pair of socks if you're a sock knitter, BJ):

I'll be e-mailing for snail mail addresses shortly. BJ, if you're reading this, blogger didn't give me your e-mail address so you need to e-mail me at raspberry "you know the drill" gmail etc.


AlisonH said...

Oh. My. Oh. Wow. Thank you! *blush* Are you SURE you want to give those up??!

Sheepish Annie said...

Congrats to all your winniers! You surely did do yourself proud in the prize department.

Hope that your mom is doing OK...

AuntieAnn said...

I want to add my good wishes for your mom. And did I see that you yourself won a prize on Norma's blog? Well-deserved, say I.

Probably Jane said...

My very best wishes to your mum also. Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words about the Queens!