Sunday, August 12, 2007

If you can't say anything nice...

... or in the case of blogging - interesting, and all that. Since I've had practically nothing to show in the way of knitting I've said nothing. But a month is ridiculous. So in a bit I'll show what little I've got and why it is so little.

But first by way of a public service announcement: Norma of Now Norma Knits is doing a contest to help support the OFA (Orphan Foundation of America) and the Red Scarf project's new fund. Read about the Red Scarf Project here on Norma's special blog for this year or on the OFA site here. I donated some sock yarn (of which I have an ample supply for my lifetime at this point) to Norma's contest for prizes. But since I know I'd never have made it through college without the support of my folks, emotional as well as financial, I feel very strongly about supporting the OFA and their Red Scarf Project. So I'm gonna run a little contest of my own. If you make/made a donation to the OFA via Norma's blog (she has links to thePayPal donation page for the OFA in several posts) or the OFA site between when they started the fund about the 1st of August and oh, I dunno, lets say the end of September, let me know and I'll enter your name in the list to pull a random number from for this reward for your generosity right here:

A skein of Handmaiden SeaSilk in the Nova Scotia colorway and a copy of Victorian Knits Today for you to find a pattern in for the SeaSilk.

Since I'm sure readership of this blog is pretty low, your odds should be great for this prize. And since I'm a softie, I might even come up with (an) additional prize(s) if I get more than one message saying someone's donated. Mention your donation in the comments or by e-mail (raspberry _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com) - whichever you prefer, and you're entered in the mini-contest for this lovely skein of yarn and book. It really is an excellent cause, so please do consider making a donation.

And now, for the little fiber arts I've accomplished since last time:

I've got proper fitting heels on both my Inside Out socks at last and have gotten one repeat of the leg pattern done on each of them. It seems to go faster now that I'm not trying to keep the tension so tight so I am now starting to feel like I see the light at the end of the tunnel (although not apparently in this photo).

I've got another bobbin of brown romney spun up. Once I get a third bobbin filled, I can't get much further until I can get some more bobbins for this wheel. I'm wanting to make a 3 ply yarn from this so I need at least 1 more bobbin.

The why so little knitting has been accomplished: I've been working on the studio to get it ready for my fiber pursuits etc and more immediately guests. IE my sister-in-law, whose visit early this month somehow resulted in lots of not-knitting time when I had thought I would have at least some. But we had fun so it was all good. When last you saw it, the studio looked like this:

Now it looks like this (well, mostly):

Actually, the bed has already been decommissioned to make room for my loom. But that's not in yet, nor are some other things so I may subject you to further photos at a later date.

This photo is here to show what I do with all that yarn I buy at the Loopy Ewe that I don't seem to knit up. I use it as decoration (for now). I do have lots of knitting plans though.

I've also been employed providing entertainment for the "home from school for the summer" child. Which I find terribly tiring, and she - no doubt - doesn't find as entertaining as either of us would like.

Oh, and best of all, I heard back from my Auntie to whom I sent the Spring Things Shawl and she was very complimentary about it. I think she really liked it rather than being polite. So naturally, I'm all afire to knit her something else. She says she needs shawls to keep her shoulder warm and ward off issues with it. So I'm thinking I'd like to make something warmer for the winter.

Possibly something in this nice Handmaiden 2-ply cashmere would be nice.

Or maybe in this Blue Moon Fiber Arts Geisha.
I can't decide which would be the better choice. My mum is all over the cashmere option just because it is cashmere I think, but I'm not sure she's a good barometer for what my favorite English Auntie would like best. And I'm not sure what would be the best pattern idea. To try and make something up on my own or find a good pattern. I do want to make a nice warm shawl for her. So any and all advice on these matters will be cheerfully received. Cashmere is always nice but there is a lot more of the Geisha yardage-wise. Of course, it's also always possible to buy more cashmere. I'm also not sure which color she'd like best, I'm kind of thinking the Geisha colors might be more her style. This is why it takes me so long to actually finish anything of course...


Sheepish Annie said...

I think the planning process is almost as much fun as the knitting process...often more so! It certainly sounds like you've been quite busy during your blog hiatus. I am in love with your fiber studio space. Someday I'll find the energy to clean out my back room and create something that will inspire me to greatness. Someday...

Romi said...

Wow! Thanks for all the great eye candy. :)

Anonymous said...

I donated $ 50 dollars to the red scarf project :) as well as some yarn to be used as a prize.