Friday, July 13, 2007

Confession Time

I'd probably get a lot more done if I just concentrated on current projects instead of starting others. And reading about still more others. Only I've been reading these blogs and they all have these cool things they are doing and... Yeah, you know what's coming next. I buy another pattern or yarn or both and futz around with them instead of finishing anything currently on the needles. Plus I keep finding issues and have to rip out the little bit I did get knitted. I'm working on accepting that in the appropriately Zen manner but mostly I'm still swearing and stomping and pulling a Cinderella's step-sister with the sock (or whatever) when I figure out there's a problem. Then after the appropriate mourning period I rip and restart.

The "accomplishments" of the last two weeks are thus minimal.

I ripped the French Market Bag back to the color change and switched which color I was using for the lighter color. I knew in my heart when I started the second color that it didn't seem quite right but I plugged away for a while before admitting it officially. Then I had to wait for a chance to get to the LYS. I like this combo much better though.
But at the current knitting rate, I figure there's at least two weeks before I finish this bag.

My Feb Rockin' Sock Club Socks had managed to get knitted to the appropriate length and get their heels knitted only to have their heels have to be ripped back. I mean really, does this look like it was gonna work out ok to you?
Me neither. It's partly because I forgot to switch back to the size 1 needles from the size 0 needles I think. I may also have not started at the right place. I ran a thread through to use as a lifeline (note to self, do that before starting the heel next time, idgit, it'll be much faster than carefully picking up stitches in the already knitted part) and ripped the heels out. Then I got smart and with the socks on the lifelines put them on and measured and decided I actually needed a few more rows of foot on each one first. That's finished but I haven't restarted the heels yet because I got sucked into the whirlpool.

I joined Mystery Stole 3. I'd have managed not to I think, except my best friend joined up too and after that I was helpless against the current. Of course, despite thinking it over since I first heard about it (sometime around the day signups started, iirc) I didn't actually sign up until practically the last day. (I'm wondering, do I win a procrastination achievement award for that?) So I'm still trying to pick a yarn let alone get caught up. So far I've tried a plain purple extra fine merino which is probably ok but not quite dark enough maybe. And the Midnight Rainbow/Harlot's Peacock laceweight by Perchance to Knit that I got from The Loopy Ewe and I'm still looking for the right answer. I love the Harlot's Peacock but decided I want to save that for the Peacock Feathers shawl. I know, how predictable, but I think it will really look nice in that shawl so I'm saving it for that. Which I just ordered the pattern of - see paragraph one.

So I decided to dye my own for MS3. I have some KnitPicks bare Laceweight merino. I've popped it into a dye pot and we'll see what I can come up with on my own. After all I'm already so far behind that waiting while I dye some yarn isn't really that big a deal is it?

The two inches of ribbing socks are still just two inches of ribbing and the sidewinders are still where they were too. And the Barbie dress, while twice as long as it was, is still indecent even for Barbie so I've nothing to show you for that either. I did start another hat, this time for the neighbor's baby, but quickly put it to one side to finish up closer to the winter holidays. No one needs a hat around here right now!

I did get some more done on my studio but no more pictures of that until it's done I think. I want to display the full effect rather than anymore piecemeal shots. And I did get something done on my chair...
That's the first piece of actual fabric on the chair instead of just muslin underlining or whatever they call it.

To give you an idea of just how exciting it is around here...
... she's watching ice melt.

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Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, how I love Perchance To Knit yarns!!! They are decadent to the max! My next spinning project is some merino that she sent me for sock yarn. I'm all giddy...

Except that I keep starting new projects. Nothing is getting done! It seems to be running rampant throughout the blogosphere!!!